Sport Injuries

Sports Physiotherapy involves evaluation, management and prevention of sport and exercise related injuries.

The aim of Sports Physiotherapy is initially to prevent further injury, followed by a comprehensive rehabilitation plan which will address all aspects of functional recovery, including balance, motor control, strength and proprioception; before ensuring the athlete is given the tools to prevent future injury recurrence – one of the biggest risk factors of injury is a similar previous injury.

We offer Musculoskeletal & sports specific screenings and can work 1:1 with you in our exercise gym to ensure you have the right program to get you back on track and competing again.

Running Assessments

Running is free and great for your overall health and well-being however, injuries are very common, with research suggesting that up to 80% of runners will obtain an injury each and every year that they run.

If you are a runner, we can support you with your running technique and conditioning, to prevent injuries and to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to help you achieve pain-free running.

At Sturt Road Physio we provide video analysis of your running technique as well as a thorough biomechanical and functional analysis to help identify areas of weakness to steer you in a clear path towards the conditioning program you need to run or play sport pain-free.