Our Physfit sessions are run with a maximum of 6 participants only and that means you get maximum attention and value.

What is Physfit?

Physfit sessions focus on both Cardiovascular Fitness as well as functional strength trainingto rehabilitate injuries or manage chronic pain. The intensity and type of exercises is tailored to suit each individuals needs and goals.

It is a 45-minute class involving a combination of functional upper body, lower body and core exercises. These exercises may be performed using your body weight or another form of resistance such as dumb bells, kettle bells, resistance bands, exercise balls, Pilates equipment and more. The format of the sessions is circuit-based interval training, much like a personal training session. The difference is that throughout the session you are guided and supervised closely by the Physiotherapist and working towards your rehabilitation goals. They will ensure that you are performing the exercise safely and with the correct technique, and that you are achieving the intended aim of the exercise.

This style of exercise is very effective in reducing tissue sensitivity. Because of the interval training, most exercises are performed with increased speed. This stretches and conditions the tissues (fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments) and nerves within these tissues to desensitise sensitive areas. It has a positive effect on chronic or persistent pain, as well as metabolism.

There are many other benefits to the class. The increased strength and fitness that you will gain will give you more energy, better posture and mood. Exercising at moderate intensity with a group of people with similar goals produces a great comradery and all the social benefits that go with it.

These sessions are claimable as a Physiotherapy Group Consultation if you have extras on your private health insurance.

The first step

The first step is to have an initial session with our Physiotherapists to determine your needs and goals and develop your program together. One important part of this session is to identify any existing injuries or anything else that we need to be aware of. Once you have done this initial assessment you can begin in a class. See the class timetable for more details